Our expertise is versatile and reliable, from Front-End to Back-End.

What we are proud of?

We are proud that we can make your work and even your personal life a little easier.


De perfecte aardappel telen door middel van data

Impossible challenges excite us. Connecting and optimizing is in our blood. From situations that clearly can be improved to situations that “have always been like this, so why would we want to change?”. We stick to that challenge, from start to finish.  What we are proud of? We are proud that we can make your work and even your personal life a little easier with our expertise.

Our expertise skills

Do you have a great idea, but don’t know how to execute it? Or do you feel that your business processes can be improved? At ICIT we help you implement and devise your concept.



Online visibility has become an essential part of any business. However, the options are endless. Together we look at what is necessary and possible for your company in the web-branche.

The online world runs on data. As a company you have lots of facts and information at your disposal. What you do with this you can help your company move forward. ICIT helps you with data processing, so you can turn data in to valuable information.

ICIT ensures that your business processes run smoothly and efficiently, with high-quality connections. Whatever you think of, we can build it.

With Smart Industry, IT becomes the link between your people, your machines and your products. ICIT develops products that support your factory with the help of IT.

Always having the right knowledge and experience in your team, can be a real challenge. We are here to make that problem a thing of the past through secondment.

With online marketing we enable your company to grow further and increase the online visibility. We focus on marketing automation, website personalization and search engine marketing.

Internet of things is coming

The world of internet and electronics is moving very fast. Nowadays, there are many more possibilities in the field of IT and data collection. We link everyday processes to the internet, so that we can implement smart applications with the collected data. That is what we mean with Internet of Things. At ICIT we know everything about the Internet of Things and we help prepare your organization for the future.

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Latest cases

We are proud of our work.

Carwash Club

Fully automated carwash: quick, easy and sustainable.

Show case

Data centralization and personalized ordering

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Franeker inflatable indoor sports facility

Have a indoor sport facility controlled automatically

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A smart connection between webshop and ZOHO Books

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Make it in the North

Meer dan alleen een job portal

Show case

Automation in the agricultural world

Show case
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Piets Weer
Royal Steensma
SHV Energy
Make It In The North
Kinderopvang Friesland
Zijlstra Beroepskleding
Gemeente Waadhoeke
Merk Fryslan
Kwadrant Groep
Provincie Fryslan
AB Texel
Bijzonder Jeugdwerk
De Rooyse Wissel
Samen Woonzorggroep
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