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You would like to have better insights into your stock management and save money on losses. A more efficient planning, more structure and clear results of your team’s efforts. An ERP system is the solution for improving all these business processes. Not a separate system for every process you want to improve, but everything in one place. But what exactly is ERP and which ERP software suits your company best?

What is ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning connects and automates important parts of a business. It increases the effectiveness of business processes and makes management of these processes transparent. Within an ERP system you will find different modules for different parts of your company, such as;

  • Inventory
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • CRM(Customer Relationship Management)
  • HRM (Human Resource Management)
  • SCM (Supply Chain management)
  • BI (Business Intelligence)

ERP contains all these processes and has actually become a collective term for these (complex) types of software solutions that are integrated with each other.

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The benefits of an ERP system

Automation allows your team to complete daily tasks faster and more efficiently. The work is less labour intensive and therefore cost effective. In addition, the centralization of data brings structure to your company. All data stored in one place. This gives you real-time insight into all results and processes. 

Another big advantage is increased efficiency within your company. An ERP system allows departments to collaborate better, increasing their productivity. In addition, the quality also increases because every employee works in the same way.

Which ERP software suits my company best?

Every company is different and therefore the need for certain functionalities is different as well. For example, look at the size of your organization and the design of the business processes. But do not forget to include the nature of the work in your choice. All these factors affect which functionalities your company needs.

Software customization

At ICIT we look at these parts together with you and map them out. We make sure that we build software with a full connection to the business units. We develop a total solution that takes a lot of work off your hands and works easily.  

The software we build is based on API. This makes expansion and connecting other modules and applications quickly applicable. Would you like to expand to new modules in the future? No problem, we will customize  the ERP system according to your own wishes. This means that you can largely control the costs yourself. The software contains no unnecessary functionalities, so no unnecessary extra costs.


We adapt the software to the business processes and easily connect other systems to the software.


Expansion and connecting additional modules is quickly applicable.

Costs in control

Expansion and customization as you wish. No unnecessary functionalities.

Seamless connection

Software adapted to your business processes. If the processes change, the software grows along.

Zoho CRM of ERP software?

Besides developing custom ERP software, we are a partner of Zoho. Zoho is a major player in the field of Customer Relationship Management. More than 50 million users worldwide already use Zoho CRM in their company.

But Zoho goes much further than just sales and marketing solutions. Zoho offers various applications and modules that you can easily link together. This makes the software applicable to all business processes. Think, for example, of smart accounting and automation of human resources. With ZOHO you have almost countless possibilities. And here, too, you decide which modules are needed. Curious what else Zoho has to offer?

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