Carwash Club

The Carwash Club in Arnhem is a new innovative concept within the world of car washes. The Carwash Club is a fully automated car wash that allows members to wash their car quickly and without restrictions, by means of license plate recognition. ICIT has developed the entire digital infrastructure for this and has ensured that the barrier opens when a car with a carwash subscription arrives.

Automated car wash

Nearly every car wash has it; subscriptions which give you unlimited washing. This often takes the form of a membership card with which you can prove that you are a member. For this reason alone, staff are needed at the car wash. On top of that, they are needed to start the wash programs. This process can be faster and more efficient. That is why washing your car at the Carwash Club is fully automated.

License plate recognition as a base

The Carwash Club is an unmanned car wash that can start automatic washing programs. ICIT developed the portal ‘My Carwash Club’ for this. This Symfony-based portal makes it clear to customers which subscriptions they have and how many washes they have had. Within this portal, a customer can register with a license plate, and remove / add other license plates.

When a customer with an active subscription drives to the Carwash Club, a camera registers his or her license plate. By means of a link with the server, the camera determines whether the license plate has an active subscription or not. When the customer has an active subscription, a signal is sent to an I / O box and the barrier opens and the washing program that belongs to the subscription is started.

If a car does not have a subscription, there is also the option for a single washing. The customer can make a payment with a debit card or smartphone, by means of a Payter Terminal (Pin device). ICIT has ensured that after this separate payment the I / O box is controlled and a washing program is started.

Werking Carwash club

Quick, easy and sustainable

The Carwash Club is one of the most innovative and sustainable car washes in the Netherlands. The concept of a car wash is fully automated through a combination of different techniques such as license plate recognition. Customers can easily and quickly register a license plate via the portal and also gain insight into their washings.

The system was built by ICIT in such a way that it can be easily deployed for multiple locations. Carwash Club Arnhem is a great start to many more locations!


  • Fully automated
  • License plate recognition as a base
  • Insight in subscriptions and washings 
  • Payment by debit card or smartphone
  • Quick, easy and sustainable
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