Wholesaler Rovanda has asked ICIT to develop online sales channels for their different customer groups. Wondering how we did this? Read it here.

Streamline business processes

Rovanda is a wholesaler in industrial clothing, tools, machines, vehicle technology, installation technology and personal protective equipment. The current sales took place through the two branches in Papendrecht and Groot-Ammers.

However, in addition to these physical locations, Rovanda wants to set up online sales channels in order to be able to offer its assortment directed to specific customer groups. Their wish is to streamline and automate the business processes of these channels in order to reduce the labor intensity.

ICIT has realized a total solution for Rovanda through the implementation of a CMS, PIM system and the development of a Magento webshop with smart connections.

Clothing Management System

The CMS (Clothing Management System) developed by ICIT, is also a great solution for Rovanda. The unique feature of this application is the personalized user friendliness. Your own product range can be composed at employee, customer and location level with a pre-set budget.

The system retrieves extensive customer information and provides insight into employee data, spent budgets and company clothing ordered per branch or per employee. In addition, it is possible to log in and order in different ways. This means that, whether you are a buyer, branch manager or clothing carrier; any user can easily order with the CMS.

Magento webshop

An extensive search function, specific customization and a product range of more than 30,000 articles, with growth opportunities to more than 100,000 articles. All in all extensive wishes, but for a Magento webshop this is no problem. The webshop has been dynamically designed with a view to growth in articles, data and customers. ICIT has set up all the connections in such a way that the maintenance of the webshop is minimal.

The webshop is linked to the Prodin back office package for collecting items, stock and prices. As with the KMS, ease of use and personalization have been thought of: prices are collected real time based on the particular customer.

Product Information Management (PIM) Akeneo

Besides Prodin, Rovanda works with EZ base, the product database that contains data such as images, descriptions and various filterable attributes. ICIT has realized a link with the Akeneo PIM system that connects and centralizes the data of Prodin and EZ base.

In addition, manual completion of article information is a thing of the past, because the connection ensures automatic filling and enrichment of article data in the back office. The PIM system selects which assortment can be sent to the KMS and / or which to the webshop and articles are automatically placed in the correct category. In addition, the PIM system detects whether items are configurable. If this mother-daughter relationship is present, the articles are linked to each other. At a single glance you can see if there are several variants available for a specific item.

Koppelingen Rovanda

Het resultaat

The result is a centralization of the article data and a better and more targeted service to the different customer groups of Rovanda. In addition, the smart connections not only ensure a more efficient process, it increases the user friendliness of the customer and enables personalized ordering. In short, a result that we can be proud of!


  • Automatic data filling
  • Enriched article data, including descriptions and filter attributes
  • Real-time prices based on customer agreements
  • Automatic placement of articles in the correct category
  • Linking of configurable items
  • Possibility to compile your own product assortment

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