De klantenteller

Know excactly how many customer are in your store with our customer counter

Always accurate counting: automatic reset at night

Unique camera with specific written software

Fast installation

GDPR proof: no personal data is stored

For (nearly) every situation

Valuable insights

We’ve already installed the system for many customers. All responded very positief.

Shopping responsible during corona crisis

Digitale klantenteller

On most websites you keep track of how many visitors come to your website. This gives you smart insights about your customers. But why don’t you do that at your physical store? It is as valuable here as it is with your website. Thanks to ICIT’s digital customer counter, you can now automatically count the number of customers in the store. This yields several valuable answers such as: “Which days is my store busier?” or “Are certain shop windows more crowded?” en “Should an extra cash register open?”. With the ICIT customer counting system you will gain insight into these questions.


The system also offers itself as a proven solution for responsible shopping during the corona crisis!

ICIT provides the total package

If you purchase the system from us, we will take away all your worries. You don’t have to arrange anything, we supply the hardware and software including a screen with accomanying stand.

klanten teller

How does the customer counter work?

1. Inventory

We come by to see what needs and wishes you have. We look at which unique camera you need and how we can install it. Based on this, we work out the best plan for your store together!/p>

2. Installation

After an inventory, we immediately provide the right materials. Installation is then a piece of cake: the installation takes only one hour on average! This way you can immediately start counting customers in real time.

3. 100% accurate counting

Our software counts 100% accurately how many people are in the store. The camera sees someone walking in or out and our smart algorithm converts this into data and only counts customers. The algorithm distinguishes between customers and your staff, so you get the best results.

4. Provide clarity to customers right away

If you have a store where a maximum number of visitors are allowed (e.g. due to the corona crisis), you can use the software to let customers immediately know whether they are allowed in or not. As a shopkeeper you don’t have to worry about this anymore!

5. Data is GDPR proof and stored safely

We value the security and privacy of our products. Thanks to the smart algorithm, the system detects a person, which is then converted into data and stored securely. This data does not contain any personal data.

6. Insightful dashboard with results

Based on your wishes, you will see the results clearly in the dashboard on a web application. It is not only possible to count the number of customers, but also the number of men / women, children / adults, average waiting times and much more!

7. Improve existing processes

Based on the reports, you as a retailer can implement concrete improvements in your store! Which makes the customer happy, you happy and that makes us happy at ICIT!

Start in no time

The installation of the system is super fast and you can start counting your customers in no time. We arrange everything for you, from hardware to software.

Scalable and for every situation

The system is fully customizable to your liking and easily expandable to the amount of cameras you need. Several situations are possible for both shops and public spaces.

Improve your store

With the insights you can improve your store. For example, do you need to deploy more staff? Do certain shop windows work well? You make it transparent with the customer counter.


Combination package with TV and stand

The system has an option for a combination package. This package includes a TV screen and accompanying stand. You will then receive a 43 inch Phillips TV and a standard from us. Handy to immediately let the visitors of your store know whether they are allowed in or not, when you have a maximum number of visitors in your store. Outside of that, you can place the TV in the office so that staff can see the number of people in the store in real time, and can immediately open a cash register when it gets busier, for example.

Counting customers has never been this easy

Other companies have already preceded you

Not only do we see how many and when people enter a store, but also the average age and gender. You could use this data for marketing purposes

Curious about the possibilities?

Responsible shopping during the corona crisis

Various adjusted measures apply during the corona crisis. So also ‘responsible shopping’. It states that there may be 1 customer per 10 m2 of retail floor space. In practice, this is difficult to monitor, which is why ICIT’s customer system is the ideal solution. Several shops are already using our system and it is installed in no time!

Curious about the possibilities? Read our information brochure, or fill in the contact form on the right!

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