Written by Marco Vrouwenvelder, on 30/03/2020

Software responsible shopping

In the fight against the Corona virus, we have developed artificial intelligence software for responsible shopping. In combination with a smart camera, this software helps store-owners in monitoring the number of customers in the store. Has the maximum number of customers allowed in the store been reached? Then the screen will turn red and people will have to wait before entering the store.

A large national supermarket (Albert Heijn) in Franeker experienced issues with monitoring the number of customers that is allowed in the store. The owner of the supermarket asked ICIT to come up with a technical solution for his problems, and we did. ICIT developed an algorithm that is able to independently add up the number of customers in the store. Subsequently, a screen informs customers whether they can come in or not by turning red or green. A red screen? Too bad, the maximum number of customers, according to the guidelines of responsible shopping, has been reached. In this way, supermarkets do not have to count manually, using the number of shopping carts available. This makes both customers and employees feel safe and secure.

The system is very succesfull at Albert Heijn and the store and the customers reacted very positive to the system.

Already installed for many companies

We have already installed the customer counter for Albert Heijn Franeker, Coop Compact Kapinga Vlieland, and Jumbo A. Langerak. The system is often installed within 24 hours. We also set up large numbers within a few days.

Not only do we see how many and when people enter a store, but also what the average age and gender is. You could use this data for marketing purposes.

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Safe feeling

Customers will feel familiar when they know that the number of customers is being counted. And as a store owner you can be sure that you don’t have too many people in your store.

Own corporate style

The system takes a lot of stress away from you and your customers. Realtime is shown on a screen whether the customer is allowed in or not. The screen can be completely adapted to your wishes and corporate identity.

Fast installation

The installation of the system takes less than 60 minutes and in most cases we install within 24 hours. All this for a very affordable total price!

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