Written by Marco Vrouwenvelder, on 10/12/2020

New features of Google Analytics

Google introduces the new Google Analytics and adds four important features. This new property type includes smarter insights, deeper integration with Google Ads, customer centric measurements and better data management.  All features are designed to help you make better marketing decisions and increase Return On Investment (ROI).

1. Smarter insights through machine learning

Through the application of advanced machine learning models, you will automatically receive notifications in the new analytics when there are striking trends in your data. For example, when certain products are suddenly visited and purchased much more than before.

Google Analytics new reporting

New reports in Google Analytics. Animation: Google.

2. Deeper integration with other Google marketing tools

The second new feature is a deeper integration with other Google marketing tools and applications. For example with Google Ads, which now gives you the option to create target groups that reach your customers with relevant and useful experiences.

Because the new Analytics app and web interaction measures together, this gives a much better picture of all marketing efforts. If you also use Youtube, you can see in one glance which conversions this channel has generated, next to the conversions of the other channels, Google and non-Google.

Meeting Youtube in Google analytics

Measurements Youtube together with other channels. Image Google.

3. Customer-oriented measurements

Instead of measurements broken down by device or platform, Google Analytics now provides much more customer-focused measurements. This gives you insight into the users who have signed up for ad personalization.  And you can see, for example, whether customers first discover your company through an ad on the internet, then install the app and make purchases there.

Because people’s needs change rapidly, as an entrepreneur you need to make quick decisions to retain customers and attract new ones. And that’s why this new feature is very valuable. You have insight into the entire customer journey: from acquisition to conversion and retention. This helps you to better understand your customer and offer relevant content and products or services.

4. Better data management

In the new property of Analytics you have better management in how Google Analytics collects, stores and uses the data.  With more detailed options for ad personalization, you choose when you want to use the data to improve your ads and when you only want to use the data for measurements.

And last but not least, the new analytics is designed to adapt to the future, with or without cookies and identifiers. Also, the flexible approach to measurements makes it possible to supplement data where it is incomplete.

Source: blog.google

Getting started with the new Google Analytics

Maybe you have already looked at your own Analytics account. Then you have seen that the new features are not there yet. To start with this, you have to create a new property. This property you set up next to your existing property. The ‘old’ data remain unchanged and continue to collect data. 

More about how you can start? Find the Google’s Help guide here.

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