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ZOHO CRM is thé platform for customer relationship management. This software gives you useful insight in managing potential leads and customers. Make personal contact with customers. Reach them through various channels such as email, chat and social media. Whether you are a B2B, B2C, small or a large company. This CRM connects seamlessly to your company and business processes.

Zoho has many applications. All designed to improve your business and make your work easier. Below we highlight a number of applications that can be linked to the ZOHO CRM. SalesIQ live chat, ZOHO Campaigns, ZOHO social, ZOHO Desk, ZOHO Books and ZOHO commerce.  Zoho has many more applications. 

Not sure what your company needs?  We are happy to look at the possibilities with you. Let us know your challenge!

Zoho SalesIQ live chat Icoon zoho salesIQ

Realtime insights and personal approach

Adjust the chat entirely to your own taste and corporate identity and be in direct contact with your customers. Put the app on your mobile so that you are always available. Not present? With one button you indicate the availability. And you are able to set standard messages so your customers are always addressed properly.

The app provides insight into real-time visitors and lead scores. It shows chat history and reports. On top of that the app has a feedback section where customers can leave their reviews.

Moreover, the SalesIQ app offers the possibility to set triggers to approach your visitors and customers at the right time. This way you can easily send a chat invitation with personal text to new and returning customers. A good way to personalize your website and to connect it seamlessly to the visitor.

Zoho Campaigns Icoon zoho campaigns

Marketing automation with customization

Use marketing automation with ZOHO campaigns. Let your emails and newsletters run automatically and more efficiently. Generate subscriptions for the newsletters by placing sign up forms on integrated external platforms. For example, your website and your social media channels.

The Zoho Campaign Gallary offers many pre-designed templates. However, they can be easily customized with your own images, text and call to action buttons. The software is even designed in such a way that you can add dynamic content.  Based on the demographic factors of the newsletter recipients, you can decided who sees what kind of content.

You have insight into real-time data and extensive reports. Another useful addition: assign scores to the newsletter recipients. This is based on their involvement with your campaigns. Think of unique clicks, number of opened emails and sharing the messages with others.

Zoho Social Icoon zoho social

All your social channels in one place

You manage all your social channels in one place. Use the content calendar and plan your messages in advance. With the SmartQ slot you know exactly when your target group is most active. You also have direct insight into how the your posts are performing. 

You can also communicate with your target group via ZOHO social. And you see what is said about your company on the social channels. This way you stay informed of all social interactions.

Zoho Books Icoon zoho books

Automation of your finance and accounting

Automate your finance and accounting, just like our client Helinox. ZOHO books takes a lot of work off your hands.

Keep track of time spent on projects with time tracking and create invoices with just a few clicks. The software gives you real-time insight into your inventory and recognizes tax rates. A link with your bank account ensures automatic import of transactions.

Zoho commerce Icoon zoho commerce

Build your one webstore

With ZOHO Commerce you can build your own webshop in just a few steps. Technical knowledge is not necessary.  With the built-in builder you can easily make the theme suitable for your own corporate identity. 

Besides webshop hosting, ZOHO also provides order and stock management and other applications. Such as payment methods and shipping modules. To further expand the possibilities of the webshop. You can connect the shop to the applications described above. No hassle with third party applications.  All with one software, all data in one place.

Zoho Desk Icoon zoho desk

Improve your customer service

Improve your customer service by integrating useful helpdesk software. Ticket management combines all communication from the customer service channels: e-mail, telephone, social media and chat.

The self-service function gives customers the opportunity to find answers to their questions themselves. For example via a FAQ page. ZOHO Desk can even be set up to automatically add questions that are not yet listed but that do come in regularly.

In addition, this software provides insight into trends and patterns. These patterns show the efforts of your customer service team. Which makes it easy to identify areas for improvement.

We are certified

ICIT is ZOHO certified, and can therefore provide excellent customized advice and solutions. Thanks to ZOHO’s wide range of applications, we can always help you find a suitable sales or marketing solution. Whether it is about creating forms or analyze traffic on your website: the possibilities are endless.

SalesIQ app

  • Direct contact with customers
  • Personalisation of messages and invitations
  • Feedback section for customers
  • Insight in real-time visitors and leadscores

Zoho campaigns

  • Marketing automation
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Realtime data and reports
  • Dynamic content based on demograhic factors
  • Score allocation based on engagement

Zoho social

  • All social channels in one place
  • SmartQ slot option
  • Insight into message performances
  • Direct contact with customers
  • Monitor social interactions

Zoho books

  • Always insight into the stock
  • Automation of workflows
  • Time registration for projects
  • Create invoices quickly and easily
  • Automatic import of transactions

Zoho commerce

  • Your own webshop quickly and easily
  • Webshop hosting
  • Expansion possible with many applications
  • Includes modules for inventory management and shipping and payment methods

Zoho Desk

  • All communication channels in one place
  • Self-service function for customers
  • Insight into trends and patterns of the customer service team
  • Rapid anticipation on places of improvement
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