Woocommerce webshop

Is a Woocommerce webshop suitable for your company? Read the pros and cons.


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Woocommerce webshop

WordPress, is the content management system with the largest market share (so far). Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin that makes it possible to convert a WordPress website into an e-commerce platform. The CMS is very user-friendly. So a Woocommerce webshop can be set up without technical knowledge.

There is a big downside to this: WordPress was initially built to build websites, not webshops. Therefore the system therefore has a limit in terms of capacity. (Think for example of the amount of products). On the other hand, this also has a great advantage. Namely access to all possible options that WordPress has to offer. Such as the many free plugins and the various responsive designs and themes.

Woocommerce kosten

Similar to WordPress, Woocommerce itself is free to download. For paid plugins the costs can add up sufficiently. Due to the many options within this CMS, filling the website will take more time than with the Shopify webshop. On the other hand, with Woocommerce you have more control and flexibility of how the webshop is filled.

Woocommerce SEO

In addition to setting up and filling the webshop, it is of course important that the webshop is search engine friendly and (organically) found well. Woocommerce is also a good choice for this. This can be well optimized with a number of free plugins. Rather outsource it? Read more about our SEO and other online marketing options.

Security Woocommerce webshop

Another disadvantage of Woocommerce is security. There is a high risk of security leaks. This also gives you an increased risk of being hacked. That is why you should always keep the installation up to date. This can be a time consuming job.

When to choose for Woocommerce 

Woocommerce is a good choice for companies that already have a WordPress website or are familiar with the system. But even if you are not yet familiar with WordPress or Woocommerce, it is a good choice. This CMS is very user-friendly and you can start quickly.

We do not recommend this platform to large online stores. This is partly due to the limit of capacity that Woocommerce can handle. In addition, this CMS is not very suitable for building complex connections. For instance, a cash register link or a connection with a Product Information Management (PIM) system.  As we have realized for Rovanda. To be able to build these complex connections, it is recommended to start with a Magento webshop.

Comparing Woocommerce webshop

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Starting with Woocommerce

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