Magento webshop

Is a Magento webshop suitable for your company? Read the pros and cons.


Fully automated carwash: quick, easy and sustainable.


Data centralization and personalized ordering


Have a indoor sport facility controlled automatically

Magento webshop

Magento is a powerful content management system. This CMS has many responsive themes. But what really sets this CMS apart is the ability to create your own theme. This gives the owner complete freedom and this allows the webshop to be personally and uniquely decorated. The perfect way to stand out from the other webstores.

Magento price

Just like WordPress, Magento is open source. This means that the basis is free and that everything can then be determined by yourself. You still have to pay for web hosting. This can entail (high) costs for a Magento shop. Often it starts from € 99 per month. 

Magento SEO

The installation of Magento already includes many SEO functions. This helps you optimize texts and other content. For the purpose to generate more organic traffic to the webshop. Prefer to outsource it? Read more about our SEO and other online marketing options.

Just like in WordPress, it is possible to install plugins if the standard options do not meet your needs. With this CMS you have many customization options. This is also where the greatest danger lies. It can be overwhelming and complex to use. It takes a lot of time to set up and a lot of technical knowledge is needed to set up a good webshop.

But once it is in place, it is as sure as eggs. It is easy to scale up to more products and complex (software) connections are possible. For instance, with Exact and ZOHO books.

Magento vs Shopify

Still doubting between Magento and Shopify? The biggest differences are in the customization options, user-friendliness and complex links. Magento has many more built-in (advanced) functions. It has many customization options and is more suitable for building more complex connections. As we have realized for Rovanda.

With Shopify, apps often have to be purchased for more extensive functionalities. On the other hand, Shopify is much more user-friendly. It works much easier and can be set up much faster than a Magento webshop. And less technical knowledge is needed to set it up.

Comparing Magento webshop

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