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Website personalization

Website personalization, what does that mean? First, let’s take a look at what your website looks like now. There is a good chance that this is the same for every visitor. The same layout, same texts and photos, the same buttons and links.

But imagine … A website that shows unique versions for every visitor. A website that seamlessly meets the wishes of the visitors. Product advice and offers come at exactly the right time. Based on the customer’s specific needs. Sounds too good to be true, right? Not with website personalization!

Building on data processing

Use your data effectively

Website personalization starts with data. What data is available? Which tool or software can be used to collect more data?

And when you have collected all the data, how do you use it? At ICIT we are happy to help you with data processing. We collect and analyze the data. This way you get to know your customer (better). You know how they arrive on your site. You know how the search and shop. What they are looking for and what important touchpoints are. In other words, you gain insight into the customer journey. And more importantly, you know what makes your customers happy.

Recognize patterns

Responding to the needs of your customers

With the data you recognize patterns in the behavior of your customers. You see what visitors encounter and / or with what they need help with. And you have insight into where customers just need that extra stimulation. With this knowledge you can find solutions that ensure that visitors experience the site better.

For example, you see that customers stay on the site for a long time and view multiple web pages. But unfortunately they leave the website without making a purchase. (Or taking any other action). A shopping assistant can help the customer find what he is looking for.

You make decisions based on the knowledge from the data and you look for the right personal solution. Of course you test this to see if the chosen solution actually helps the customer and delivers the intended results.

New customer journey

The diagram shows an example of what the new customer journey could look like with personalization. At every step, the customer is supported by targeted content.

The customer sees a personal welcome message and is immediately informed about new arrivals. These items are perfectly matched to previously purchased items. This makes shopping even easier for the customer. Moreover, this stimulates additional (repeat) purchases.

gepersonaliseerde klantenreis

And there are many other possibilities of personalization. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company. We let your website match the customer down to the last detail. In this way we ensure that the total experience of the visitors is optimal. And let’s increase your conversion rates.

Also use website personalization. Stand out among all those competitors and stay relevant to your customers!

Benefits of personalization

Increase of conversion rate

Personalization provides the right message at the right time. This increases the relevance for the customer and increases the chance of purchases.

Increase of order amount

With the obtained data we see exactly which items are most likely to be bought by the customer. Based on personal information and previous purchases. This encourages additional purchases.

More customer loyalty

With personalization you distinguish your company from all competitors. And it ensures optimal user experiences. Customers are more likely to choose your company again and become loyal customers.

Higher ranking

The more relevant the content, the longer the customer stays on the website. The bounce rate is getting lower. These factors increase the ranking in search engines.

For every company

We provide personalization solutions for every company. Regardless of the size of your company or in which industry you operate.

For every channel

Website, email or chat. Personalization is applicable to all channels.

Marketing expertise

Social media channels are perfect for a company to get in touch with the customer. With this we create interaction with your target group. And increase customer loyalty and brand awareness.


Your (potential) customer will receive the right email at the right time. It is perfectly tailored to him. This way the chance that he becomes and remains a customer increases. Marketing has never been so efficient!

Zoekmachine marketing

Reach the maximum number of free visitors with SEO (search engine optimization). And use SEA (Search Engine Advertising) to further increase findability and (paid) traffic.

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