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What is search engine marketing? With SEM you are optimizing your website and content to be easier to find in search engines. Within these search engine marketing there are a few different terms and: SEO, SEA and SEM.

SEM, Search Engine Marketing, is the umbrella term for SEO and SEA. SEO, Search Engine Optimization, looks at all the steps you can take to optimize this. You become easier to find for your customers. As a result, your organic traffic increases. And SEA, Search Engine Advertising, focuses on advertising in search engines such as Google.

So in short, SEO and SEA are ways to apply search engine marketing. But how do you do this?

Search engine optimazation

Reach free visitors efficiently

Search engine optimization is a very efficient way to reach free visitors. In the beginning it can be a time consuming task. However in the long run, it is very effective and valuable for your business.

Before you start with SEO, you need to have knowledge of search engines. Knowledge about the way they index and rank your website. Take for example Google. This search engine looks at the length and content of the content, relevant and related keywords. But also considers internal links, backlinks and the safety of your website. In addition, the loading speed is also very important. If it takes too long for a web page to load, there is a good chance that the visitor will leave the website. A shame, because you miss out on (potential) customers.

By improving these factors, you will see that organic traffic will increase. But not only this; SEO also improves the visitor’s user experience. You provide relevant content for them. 

Search Engine Advertising

Genereer meer traffic en conversies

Where SEO focuses on organic traffic, SEA (mainly) focusses on paid traffic. Although there are more search engines, Google is the most used in the Netherlands. Google Ads was set up to advertise on this (formerly Google Adwords). Here you set up various campaigns and advertisements such as shopping campaigns, search campaigns and app campaigns. You set a certain budget and only pay when a visitor clicks on the ad. Interesting to know is that SEA has many benefits:

  • Targeting based on specific data of visitors, such as location, age, interests, etc.
  • Remarketing: approach visitors who have previously visited your website or webshop. Stimulate them to visit your business again.
  • Manage the entire content of the ads. You can easily communicate promotions and highlight certain products or services.

The more relevant the content for the visitor, the more traffic and conversions. Moreover, when you advertise, you pay per click. Not per impression. This means, in addition to all the benefits mentioned above, an increase in your brand awareness. Without having to pay extra for it.

Especially, advertising in combination with SEO is the perfect cocktail. It strengthens each other. It enables you to approach your target group in a targeted way. With this you can attract relevant visitors.

Start with search engine marketing and start growing!

Marketing expertise


We show your visitors unique versions of your website, based on their specific needs. Product advice and offers come at exactly the right time. More sales, more conversions.


Your (potential) customer will receive the right email at the right time. It is perfectly tailored to him. This way the chance that he becomes and remains a customer increases. Marketing has never been so efficient!


Social media channels are perfect for a company to get in touch with the customer. With this we create interaction with your target group. And increase customer loyalty and brand awareness.

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