Marketing automation

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Fully automated carwash: quick, easy and sustainable.


Data centralization and personalized ordering


Have a indoor sport facility controlled automatically

Marketing automation

What is marketing automation? And how do you put it to use? At ICIT we are experts in this field and we would like to show you what marketing automation can mean for your company.

Automatically and personal

With marketing automation you let all marketing activities run automatically through software. This way, certain tasks do not have to be done over and over again. Result? You save a lot of valuable time! In addition, automation makes it possible to approach (potential) customers personally. It is a way to personalize your business. This can be done in various ways. For example, by means of email marketing, social media and. But you can also think of personalized content on your website. Such as headers and pop ups.

Conversion optimisation

Personal shopping cart reminder

Marketing automation is ideal to use to optimize conversion. Suppose a customer visits your website and has put some items in the shopping cart. But the visitor is distracted and leaves the website. The items still in the shopping cart. Due to the use of marketing automation, the customer receives a reminder email. And with a few clicks, the customer can still complete his order.

However, marketing automation goes further than just email marketing. Consider, for example, a pop-up that appears on the website. Suppose a visitor returns and he has not made a purchase on his first visit. Use a personal pop-up message. This pop-up appears with a discount for a first order. This stimulates the customer to make that purchase anyway.


From prospect to customer with the right content

With marketing automation, customers regularly receive targeted content. Think of special offers, inspirational blogs, videos or articles. Most of this kind of content is not directly aimed at sales. It is aimed at inspiring and convincing the customer of your services.

Not every visitor immediately proceeds to a purchase or action. By providing them with relevant content, you ensure that they do make that purchase in the future. Or make the purchase again. This way you make sure that a customer stays your (loyal) customer.

Right time, right place

Through marketing automation, the customer receives the right content, at the right time. Without having to invest a lot of time here. Marketing has never been so efficient!

You remain top of mind with the customer and ensure a good customer experience. This increases customer loyalty. They are less likely to switch to a competitor.

Wondering how to get started? ZOHO is an ideal software platform for using marketing automation, among other things. At ICIT we are a partner with ZOHO and we know exactly how this platform can help you. We are happy to advise you!

Automate your marketing activities. Less work, more conversions!

Marketing expertises


We show your visitors unique versions of your website. Based on their specific needs. Product advice and offers come at exactly the right time. More sales, more conversions. The possibilities are endless.

Social media channels are perfect for a company to get in touch with the customer. With this we create interaction with your target group. And increase customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Reach the maximum number of free visitors with SEO (search engine optimization). And use SEA (Search Engine Advertising) to further increase findability and (paid) traffic.

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