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Automatisation within the agricultural sector


Fully automated carwash


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IOT Makes life easier, more efficient and safer

At ICIT we love innovations. Innovations that help us overcome challenges through the use of the latest technologies. This is achieved by IOT (Internet of Things). IOT is a broad collective term for all applications of devices that are connected to the internet and can exchange data. Our programmers bring a lot of experience and think it is “magical” to do this. The possibilities are endless. For example, think of:

  • Smart sensors
  • Smart Industry
  • Access management such as a smart parking space
  • Smart cameras
  • License plate recognition

Smart Industry: A smarter factory is a more efficient factory


Industry and innovation go hand in hand. The industry of the future will make extensive use of smart applications. ICIT works on this continuously and is already building solutions. With this we ensure that your factory or organization becomes more efficient, more innovative, more sustainable and more digital. 

Always a full tank

Through our IOT solutions, we make machines and systems within your company smarter. An example of this is monitoring the contents of tanks with sensors that can measure solid and liquid substances. For example with grain silos or oil tanks. Imagine: You manage the contents of various oil tanks all over Europe. You can see at a glance via your computer or mobile what the individual content of the tanks is. You will receive a warning when the content is almost empty.  Based on that, you can make the most efficient route planning for the delivery. That way you will never have an empty tank again.

No more downtime with predictive maintenance

In addition, many applications in the field of IOT can also be found on the factory floor. We equip your machines with sensors that provide predictive maintenance . With this you can see right away when a machine needs maintenance. And when a part needs to be replaced. This prevents downtime on the work floor. In addition, maintenance intervals are planned effectively.

Moreover, we ensure safety in your factory. With fall prevention cameras can detect industrial accidents and send an alarm. This way you are quickly on site and the right help is offered. It is possible to detect hazardous gases and liquids via sensors. This allows you to prevent dangerous situations.

Invite us and we will analyze your organization. We make your work smarter, easier, more sustainable and safer. From idea to realization, we’ll make your industry a smart industry!

Smart Building: the ease of automatisation

The office of the future

What does the office of the future look like? You enter the office and the door opens automatically through facial recognition. You continue walking and the lights and heating turn on automatically. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Fortunately, you won’t have to wait years for this.  Because this is already possible! At ICIT we turn your office or work environment into a smart building.

At our office we already put our expertise on access management into practice. Before you enter the building, you will have to pass through an access gate. At this gate there is a camera that scans the faces of the people entering. By means of facial recognition access is granted to people who are in the system while unknown people are denied access. Also at the entrance gate, customers are personally welcomed by the system upon entry.

We link the data collected by the cameras to existing systems, making them much more efficient. A good example of this is the alarm system of the building. This switches itself off as soon as the first person entering is recognized by the system.

Toekomst smart building


Keep unwanted people out

In general, these techniques are used to make the building safer. By using these techniques as facial recognition we keep unwanted visitors outside. This also ensures that we don’t have to use passes or keys that can easily be lost or stolen.

Moreover, this system is a lot easier for the users. The applications are conceivable in schools, stores and government buildings. Ideal to keep unwanted people out. The options are endless.

A safe workplace

By using the entrance gates, entering and leaving the building is automatic without having to touch doorknobs, cards or keys. In this way, everyone can get to his or her workplace in a safe way and it is also no problem for visitors to drop by because of the safe and reliable way of working.

Automation in retail

In department stores and warehouses, we use sensors to monitor where individual items are located. In addition, we also have insight into their condition. This makes it perfect for jewelers and museums. In addition, many more applications are possible at ICIT for the retailing industry. Consider for example, NFC payment systems and security systems. Want to know exactly when a shelf in your store is almost empty? With IOT it can be fully automated. That way you will never have an empty shelf again.

We come to you to brainstorm to equip your office, shop or building with the latest technology. We map out your wishes. And come up with smart solutions of which you didn’t even know were a problem.


License plate recognition: From a smart parking space to innovative petrol stations

Smart parking graphic

At ICIT we work a lot with license plate recognition. With license plate recognition you can turn a normal parking space into a smart parking space. It automatically allows or denies cars and gives you insight in how many places are available. Moreover, it is also possible to personalize displays in the parking spaces. In parking garages, license plate recognition also recognizes which car has already paid. This saves a lot of hassle at the barrier.

In addition, not only parking is made easier by license plate recognition. For example, a petrol station can use license plate recognition to see whether you are a regular customer. This allows you to easily participate in a prize pool, for example. Or a car wash that can see whether you have a subscription or not as soon as you arrive. As we have realized for the Carwash Club. In short, with license plate recognition you can innovate and solve mobility problems!

ICIT and IOT go hand in hand

Checkout the possibilities

Smart cities

  • Smart parking

  • Building structure

  • Sound map 

  • Smartphone detection

  • Electromagnetic field levels

  • Measure traffic

  • Smart lighting

  • Waste management

  • Smart roads

Clever surroudings

  • Forest fire detection
  • Measure air pollution
  • Measure snow level
  • Avalanche prevention
  • Earthquake detection

Smart water

  • Measure tap water quality

  • Measuring chemicals

  • Measure swimming pool water quality

  • Measuring water pollution

  • Leak detection

  • Measure water level

Smart measurement

  • Measure energy consumption

  • Tank level measurement (oil, gas, water, etc)

  • Measure water pressure

  • Silo content sensor


  • Access control management

  • Liquid detection

  • Radiation measurement

  • Explosive and dangerous gas measurement

Trade & shops

  • Stock control

  • NFC payments

  • Smart store applications


  • Quality freight control

  • Item location (find individual items in sheds and warehouses)

  • Dangerous cargo detection

  • Freight tracking


  • Automated machine maintenance
  • Measure indoor air quality
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Measure ozone presence

Agricultural sector

  • Smart greenhouses
  • Wine quality improvement
  • Compost monitoring
  • Smart watering
  • Meteorological station network


  • Hydroponics (Crops monitoring)
  • Control animal health
  • Animal tracking system
  • Measure toxic gases

Domotica and smart buildings

  • Energy and water consumption

  • Control devices remotely

  • Monitoring sensors

  • Art and goods conditions monitoring


  • Fall detection
  • Medical refrigerators
  • Athletes care
  • Patient surveillance
  • Ultraviolet radiation

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From start to finish, we think with you about your problem or wish. We analyze, brainstorm and come up with ideas that we convert into a working hardware and software solution

Do you have a great idea, but you don’t know how to implement it? Or do you feel that your business processes can be improved? At ICIT we help you creating and implementing your concept.

The online world runs on data. As a company you have a lot of facts and data at your disposal. What you do with this is a choice and of course you want it to help your company move forward. ICIT makes this easier for you and helps you with data processing.

With high-quality links, ICIT ensures that your business processes run smoothly and efficiently. Whatever you come up with, we can build it.

With Smart Industry, IT becomes the link between your people, your machines and your products. ICIT develops products that support your company with the help of ICT.

We are the ideal partner for your digital transformation


We are determined to help you with your challenge. We stick to it and don’t stop until we come up with the best solution. You can assume that!


From the start of a project, we ensure that we use our ingenuity to arrive at the most innovative solution. Be inspired by us.


Our programmers work with agile processes. This means that we work in short sprints and deliver quick results in which you as a partner are much involved.


Do you want to take a step towards the future with us?

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