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In the field of internet and electronics  developments are moving very fast. More and more is possible in the field of IT and data collection. We combine everyday processes to the internet, so that we can implement smart applications with the collected data. Which means: Internet of Things. At ICIT we know everything about the Internet of Things and we help prepare your organization for the future.

Internet of Things within reach?

gezichtsherkenningMaybe you already own a phone that unlocks using facial recognition. We implement this technique on a larger scale, for example by using facial recognition in security cameras at your office. These cameras register who can and cannot enter the building, thus replacing access passes or keys. Another example is a smart parking lot that registers which license plates belong to the cars of the staff so that the barrier opens automatically.

ICIT can help your organisation with many applications. Together we think about innovative ideas and processes that can be made more efficient. We make your office a smart building and your industry a smart industry. The possibilities are endless.

Automation control

At ICIT we have come up with even more solutions through Internet of Things. In Franeker, we control a inflatable indoor sporting complex via a reservation system developed by us. When someone makes a reservation, the heating system, lighting and access registration in the sport complex are controlled fully automatically. This saves more than half in energy costs and is user-friendly for the customer. Sustainable and efficient.

Safer environments

Another example is our collaboration with TanQyou, an innovative petrol station franchise. At the petrol stations license plate recognition is used to check whether someone is a TanQyou customer. In this way, the customer can be served more efficiently and personally. Safety also plays a role. License plate recognition can also see what type of car belongs to a certain license plate. If this does not match, the pump can be shut off.

In andere branches kan Internet of things ook oplossingen bieden, bijvoorbeeld bij scholen en kinderdagverblijven. Camera’s kunnen bijvoorbeeld detecteren of een vreemd persoon kinderen ophaalt of meeneemt, of herkennen of iemand in een fabriek op de werkvloer onwel wordt of betrokken is bij een ongeval. Op deze manier worden deze locaties veiliger gemaakt.

More information?

Internet of Things can make your organization safer, more sustainable and more efficient, whatever industry you’re in. Whether it concerns an office, factory, school or care institution, ICIT is the partner to work with. We like to explore the possibilities with you and come up with innovative solutions. Come and visit our headqùarters in Franeker or contact us.

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