Written by Maarten van Meer, on 18/05/2020

Drupal or WordPress

Which CMS should I use to build my website? Which one is fast and cost effective? Can I easily manage pages myself? These are all important questions when choosing a CMS (content management system) for your future website. It’s best to choose something that will last you a long time and that you can handle yourself well. At ICIT we think along with you in this choice and are the ideal partner for your web solution.

To help you in your choice we show you two packages in which we build our websites. WordPress and Drupal are the CMS we use at ICIT. We will listed the advantages and disadvantages for you.

WordPress and Drupal comparison chart


CMS package

Free use


Scalable (quantity of products)

Possibility for complex connections

Standard SEO tools


default multilingualism






WordPress: The most used CMS

If you have used a CMS before or have been looking for it you have probably encountered WordPress. That’s not surprising, about 35% of all websites run on this CMS. Why is WordPress so popular? The simplest answer is because it is so easy to use. You have a functional website in no time and you can easily manage your content. In addition, there are more than 55,000 plugins to provide your website with more types of functionalities.

WordPress started in 2003 to create simple blog websites. Now you can do a lot more with WordPress. And with Woocommerce it is even possible to create a webshop. Yet WordPress does not offer the space for much complexity, but for your corporate website it is certainly a good choice. Another (known) disadvantage of this system is its security. You always have to keep your installation up to date otherwise there will be security holes and your website will be more susceptible to hackers.

Well-known websites that run on WordPress are: Emerce and Spotify. For foundation ‘Wintertennisballon’ in Franeker we have built a WordPress website with its own reservation system that controls the sports balloon remotely.

Drupal: Perfect for stability and complexity

Drupal may not be used as much as WordPress, but this does not mean it is not a good system.  This CMS has a somewhat steeper learning curve for the user, but offers more possibilities. Basically you have the same functionalities as with WordPress, for example support for plugins, only they are called Drupal modules. The basic functionalities are more extensive with Drupal than with WordPress. For example, with Drupal you can create all kinds of your own content types and load data. In this way it is possible to build websites with large numbers of end users who have a role on the website (e.g. a forum or a website where visitors can place content themselves). It is also possible to use Drupal to create complex links with other web services such as ZOHO and Exact.

Compared to WordPress, Drupal is more stable in terms of security. There is less chance of being hacked. There are also regular updates and upgrades, but these are more difficult to install than with WordPress and require technical knowledge. We are now at Drupal 8 and in 2020 Drupal 9. Reportedly it will be easy to switch to this version and offers great prospects for the future. They are going to focus on ease of use for beginners. In this way they try to eliminate one of the biggest drawbacks.

Because the CMS runs so stable you see that websites such as the House of Representatives and RTL news on Drupal running. The by us built website of Piet Paulusma also runs on Drupal for the many traffic and the link with his weather database. Drupal is the best solution for complex websites that need to run stably.


A CMS that meets your needs

Ultimately, the question is not which of these CMS packages is the best, but which CMS suits your needs best. We are fans of both and together with you we can come to the best web solution. When you don’t need complex links and especially want to stretch information through your website, WordPress is the best option. Think for example of a corporate website that tells you what your company is and does. Do you want to dive into the complexity and do you need a lot of links with other web services? Then Drupal is the best option for you. But whatever you choose, we are happy to help you with your advice and development of your dream website.


Do you want the best web solution?

We are ready to listen to your wishes and are happy to help you with creating, designing and developing your website. We advise you and would like to become a good partner in your online activities. Do you have any questions? Or would you like to visit us for a sparring session? Fill in the form below and we will contact you!

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