Make refuelling your car fun again, that’s TanQyou’s company philosophy. TanQyou is a young, innovative company that is fully committed to their new formula for petrol stations. This formula makes everything about driving easier with its own mobility platform. TanQyou innovates by combining two worlds: the fuel industry and IT. In collaboration with ICIT, TanQyou is developing its digital platform to meet the full mobility needs of consumers.

Make refuelling more fun

At TanQyou they didn’t like the old-fashioned filling up your car. Nowadays, refuelling has to be different, more innovative so that it has more impact on the industry. TanQyou focuses not only on refuelling, but on the complete mobility needs. Consumers also experience other driving problems that need to be solved, such as parking and mileage administration.

From the start, ICIT has contributed to TanQyou’s innovative mobility platform. Over the years several applications have been developed including the MyTanQyou and TanQyou ride registration app. The consumer can save for rewards with every litre he or she fills by creating an account in the app. Furthermore, the app keeps track of your fuel administration. By using data intelligently, refuelling becomes a lot more fun and user-friendly, something we at ICIT are proud of!

ICIT has mainly worked on the backend of the applications. Among other things, we made sure that the fuel station keepers are always aware of the amount of fuel in the fuel station’s tank by clever use of sensors. In addition, we have built license plate recognition software at the filling stations, in this way cars can be recognized and can be used for various purposes.

TanQyou’s own IT department

Since 2016, TanQyou has been active and now has 26 petrol stations of its own. At the moment it is one of the most innovative franchises for gas stations. The technical architecture for the platform has been laid out by ICIT. Due to its growth, TanQyou now has its own IT department. This department works closely together with the developers of ICIT to further develop the platform.

Recently, the mobility platform built by ICIT is also available for other gas stations. With the “TanQyou white label” the filling station owner gets insight into customer profiles, trends and sales data. The platform also offers marketing tools and can be integrated with the My TanQyou platform for increased customer loyalty.


“Despite the rapid growth and now our own development department, ICIT still plays a crucial role in the architecture and technical solution that are the core of our platform”.

Wybe Buising

A good Partner

Combining IT and the petrol industry has created an innovative mobility platform that responds to the needs of consumers and the evolving market. With ICIT as its sparring partner, TanQyou wants to continue to grow and expand by coming up with more smart solutions around mobility. The future is something we at ICIT like to think about in order to ensure together that the needs of consumers and petrol station owners are met. Are you also looking for a sparring partner in the field of IT?

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