Piets weather datasbase

Pete Paulusma is perhaps the most famous weatherman in the Netherlands. With his company “Piets Weather” he provides weather forecasts for newspapers, broadcasters and event organisers. ICIT developed the core of the company: a powerful database where the weather information of more than 5000 weather stations is collected and made accessible for the customers of Piets Weer.

Customer-friendly and fast

Piets Weer used to work with a different database. This database was quite outdated. In his search for a local IT specialist, he ended up at ICIT. The wishes were clear: the available data had to be retrieved and displayed in a customer friendly way. But what was even more important was that Piet himself could still influence the data available. Each morning, by adjusting the system data on the basis of the weather charts he analyzes, he comes to very accurate predictions.

Customer friendliness and speed were the keywords when building this database. ICIT has put a lot of effort into this. By putting the customer first, we were able to develop a user-friendly database. Only by devoting a lot of attention to user-friendliness, you can achieve a system that is actually used. The system was developed on Symfony. The system is fast, as evidenced by the data retrieval process: within seconds you can access the weather data from over 6200 weather stations, each providing 240 rows of data.

The new database also includes radar images and ICIT has implemented an ice growth program. The raw data loaded into the system offers even more possibilities for expansion. ICIT will work on this together with Piets Weer in the future.

Local accuracy

The aim of Piets Weer is to forecast the weather as accurately as possible on a local level. Therefore Piet wants to be able to react as fast as possible to what is happening and what customers ask of him. Do customers want a weather forecast from hour to hour, to determine whether their event can go through? Then Piets Weer wants to be able to provide such a forecast.

The data that is available in the new database still offers enough room to expand. That local accuracy is becoming increasingly important. Not only for events, but also, for example, for the agricultural sector, livestock farming and road construction. Not in the least because of the increasingly extreme weather we have to deal with.


“Thanks to ICIT, we have a future-proof and future-oriented solution for our customers. The people at ICIT know their business, listen carefully to our wishes and know how to turn them into good services. “

Piet Paulusma

Expanding is the key word

Now that the database is up and running, it is important to make full use of the system and expand it further. One of the ways we are doing this is by making more weather data available that enters the database from the central system. It is also possible to add data from Piets Weer’s own weather stations, which Piets Weer is already working on. ICIT is proud of this successful collaboration.

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