Helinox is a major company in the field of high-quality light outdoor furniture. The company has joined forces with ICIT. Why? To optimize the connection between their webshop and ZOHO books.

Double manual work

Helinox offers its line of products on its webshop built with Shopify. A well-known and user-friendly e-commerce platform. This content management system is linked to ZOHO books. A handy and automated accounting software from ZOHO

With this software, all their orders are processed in their accountancy. This had to be done manually and was very time consuming. Another problem with the existing link were the international tax rates. These were not automatically implemented properly. As one of ZOHO’s largest partners, we immediately knew what was needed here. We’ve created an optimized custom  ink between Shopify and ZOHO books.

A link entirely according to the wishes of the customer

The unique thing about the developed link is that it is completely tailored to the wishes of the customer. There was already an existing link between ZOHO books and Shopify. But we have completely adapted this so that work can be done much more easily and more efficiently. 

Orders coming from the webshop are immediately transferred to ZOHO books. Previously, this all had to be done manually, with every order. In addition, the tax rates are now set correctly. There is no need to worry about that anymore. In addition, the stock is now also synchronized. Do you adjust store stock in ZOHO Books? Then this is immediately forwarded to the webshop. You have insight into the stock anytime and anywhere. You can also set an order moment. This way you will receive a notification when the stock is almost empty. 

ZOHO books

Built-in fail saves

We have paid a lot of attention to the safety of the connection with ZOHO. Therefore, multiple fail saves are built in. This ensures that if something goes wrong, no data or orders can ever be lost. 

Everything is now immediately automated in ZOHO books thanks to the developed connection. From orders to refunds. From stock to contacts. ZOHO ensures that everything is in one central place. This makes data easier to request. Reports are also easy to set up and adapt to your own wishes. 

A start that tastes like more

The new link is ready for use and has been implemented on the Helinox webshop. However, the link can be expanded even further in the future. This will make even more processes more efficient. 


  • No more manual work
  • Automatic implementation of tax rates
  • Custom made
  • Automatische voorraad synchronisatie
  • All data in one place

Wondering what ZOHO books can mean for your company?

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