Agrifac makes machines that enable agricultural farmers to work as efficiently as possible. We need this because the world population is growing. So we need more and more food. Together with Agrifac, ICIT recommended making the available machine data accessible on an online platform. This will enable Agrifac to develop new business models, based on this data.

Transforming data into information

Agrifac’s Research & Development department came up with the idea of connecting their machines to the internet. The machines already had sensors. However, these were not yet connected to a platform. We developed a user-friendly platform in which the sensor data came in.

This new platform includes a link to Agrifac’s ERP system, a ticket system and a warranty module. On top of that it included a webshop. These smart functionalities ensure that a large part of manual, administrative processes are now automated. This relieves the workload and improves quality and customer satisfaction.

A gold mine of 17 billion records

Thanks to the sensors on Agrifac’s machines, they can already solve malfunctions remotely. Abnormalities are detected at an early stage. This is possible because the machines send their data to the cloud. The first step towards predictive maintenance.

Data makes us happy at ICIT. The fact that Agrifac has 17 billion records means that we can learn a lot. For example, by linking all this data to the maintenance history of the machines. We make it possible to carry out maintenance before something breaks down. This goes even further than preventive maintenance. For instance, you replace something because you expect it to break down within the foreseeable future. Using all the data in a smart way, you can predict when a part is due for replacement. In this way, you can prevent a machine from shutting down. For example, you prevent it from shutting down in exactly the two days a year that you need it most. Because a fungus is spreading.

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“With ICIT we have found a local party that helps us to realise our international ambitions. Thanks to their insight and willingness to really think along with us about solving our problem. With them, we have been able to take enormous steps”.

Chris Wiefferink

Information specialist at Agrifac

A noble ambition

Agrifac’s mission is to ensure that we still have enough food in 2050. At ICIT we are extremely proud that we can contribute to this with our knowledge and experience. In the future we want to integrate the platform with the Farm Management Tools that farmers work with. At ICIT we are ready to meet this challenge.

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