How we do it

We make IT approachable for you in a unique way. What we do is an improvement for your business. Together with you, we provide growth.


Fully automated carwash: quick, easy and sustainable.


Data centralization and personalized ordering


Have a indoor sport facility controlled automatically

Would you like to know more about what IT can do for you? We are there for you! We make IT accessible for you in our unique aproach. What we do is an improvement for your company. Together with you, we ensure growth. How do we do that?


IT can do so much more than you think.

We will come and see you to see what’s possible. We take a fresh look at your company and its processes. Maybe you’ve been doing the same thing for years, but you’re not getting the right results. We challenge you to look beyond what you already know and what you do. Together we look at what can be improved and how we can achieve that.


ICIT searches and finds.

We look at your company, listen closely to the challenges you encounter and the problems you experience. We start working on these. We tell you what we think and where we see opportunities and chances. We work on focused solutions, which means that sometimes the solution is different from what you originally imagined. We ensure, however, that we tackle every problem and help your business grow.



We at ICIT believe in the power of connection.

That is not only about the right connections between different applications. This is just a small part of our work. ICIT links your questions to answers. We link products, technologies, innovations and people. We provide a total solution that makes your company ready for the next step. Whatever that next step is.

Working together using the SLIC framework

Over the past 20 years ICIT has used many forms of project approach. In recent years Agile working has become more and more popular. Just like Agile (scrum and Kanban), the waterfall method has many advantages and disadvantages. To serve our clients in the best way, ICIT has taken the best of all methods. We offer 100% insight and freedom in terms of priority and budget.

Result? A way of working that ensures happy clients and committed developers at ICIT. Our own way of working deserves its own identity. We call it our SLIC Framework, – Sprint like i See it –

The framework will ensure that the developers work on what is important to the customer.Is there an issue on the live environment? We stop the sprint and the developers get to work on it. In this way, the customer always has insight and can make adjustments where necessary.


The important thing is

We will show you that IT can be an important engine for the growth of your business. It makes your job more fun and easier. It improves quality, while leaving more at the bottom of the line. Most of all, we show you that IT is accessible. Have us drop by to tell you what’s possible. For you, your company, your people and your wishes.

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Fully automated carwash: quick, easy and sustainable.

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Data centralization and personalized ordering

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Have a indoor sport facility controlled automatically

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We are proud of our clients

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